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About hotmango

we could wear suits, ties, uncomfortable shoes and baffle you with techie-talk, but we would much prefer to impress you by just getting on with creating what you want, how you want it...

Who The Heck Are hotmango?

hotmango are the Sunshine Coasts leading design and development agency. The hotmango team comprises of the most creative and brightest minds in the region and just think, we could be working for you.

  • Why hotmango? To be honest, it's pretty simple, our guard dog Georgie just loves mango's and we thought the name was sort-a catchy, tending to conjure quite an intriguing image in the mind, lending itself to our dynamic and creative thinking, which is core to our methods and concepts.

    Imagine the look on peoples faces when we're asked, "Who do you work for?"... It always generates interesting and entertaining conversation.

  • Many of the team wanted to do "something different" and work with more modern and exciting web and digital technologies and concepts.

    In January of 2009, we merged our businesses (R2 Solutions, R2Dzigns, Sedona Group & Network SMARTS), pooled our resources and formed hotmango. Choosing to also transfer to the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. Thanks to our amazing clients, the rest is now history and we haven't looked back...

  • What Our Clients Say

  • AFL Queensland

    We were blown away by the quality of our posters and flyers, not to mention they were completed within our short notice deadline, of 24 hours...

  • FAROP Consulting

    Just love it. It is clean, crisp, striking and extremely easy to navigate. Love the new format and the articles layout as well...

  • Renee's Fight

    We really weren't sure what we wanted, but the hotmango team delivered just what we needed, and more...

  • Ozgo Migration

    Wouldn't think of going anywhere else for our websites or hosting. hotmango know their stuff and always go the extra mile to support us.

Using the latest Content & Information Management Systems such as Joomla!, WordPress and Twitters' Bootstrap framework.
Successful brand communication requires highly effective, creative & memorable visual representation, graphic design and strategies.
Social media integration is essential in todays connected world. We can assist with developing & building social media campaigns.
Every website needs a reliable home, we can provide top quality, Cloud based hosting and support for your sites and apps.

What We Do

looking for a totally unique, fresh and effective website, brochure or poster? Want to breach the "social media" divide, or have a new product launch? hotmango can help develop and produce all your needs.

hotmango web and print

Modern Website Development

Designed and created just for you, bursting with character and attitude, dynamic, engaging and mobile ready. A hotmango custom website is all of this and more...

Whether you want something a little quirky, (absolutely weird and funky), just light and airy, or a very traditional corporate look and feel, (even if you're not sure what you want yet!) we can offer you many different idea's how best to present your online personality and brand, totally unique to you and custom built to suit all your needs.

  • Content Managed and eCommerce Sites

    Whether you are a an individual, services based, information orientated or commerce centred, hotmango can design, develop and produce a stunning, effective website that will help drive your business or organisation.
  • Full Service and Management

    From concept to maintenance, hotmango will help you to piece it all together, making sense of the ever changing web climate, now and in the future.
  • Modern, Up To Date, Classic

    Classic, modern design and styling, hotmango incorporate the very best and latest web and mobile device based technologies, delivering the most effective, efficient and engaging experience for your clients and visitors.

Unique Graphic Design

Nothing breeds confidence more than having the right look and feel. Professionally designed and printed advertising or business collateral sets the tone and raises the bar, giving you and your customers confidence and presenting a professional, trustworthy persona to the world in general.

The success of any organisation is partly due to making a lasting impression on your customers. The key to making this impression is to employ successful communication strategies allowing your brand to be highly visible and memorable.

  • Business Cards & Stationary

    First impressions count, portraying the right image is essential to attracting potential clients and ensuring your business brand and information is retained by your customers.
  • Brochures, Poster & Flyers

    Continue to convey a high level of confidence and professional impact by getting noticed for the right reasons, engaging prospective customers or promoting new lines with a consistent look and feel.
  • Facebook, Google+ & Social Covers

    There's a captive and social audience of millions out there, just waiting to be discovered, wow'd and excited.! Engaging social media cover & profile images get you and your promotions noticed and remembered.
hotmango web and print

Recent Works

here's a little of what we have done for many of our happy clients, imagine what we could do for you...

Our Team

the hotmango team are an interesting bunch, each bringing a piece of their very own personality (and mentality) to the group making us a very dynamic, fun and unique group of people to work with.

hotmango web and print


Head Geek Herder

Traditionally trained as a developer and engineer, managing all our hosting services and is the main geek behind the web technologies we use.

hotmango web and print


Design Nerd

Young Nick is an aspiring Graphic Designer and budding website designer with a flare for the dramatic and and amazing eye for stylish typography.

hotmango web and print


Strategy Geek

An extremely talented Graphic Designer, Photographer, Print Co-Ordinator and not too bad at the odd website either, always an entertaining character.

hotmango web and print


Zen Goddess

Cool, calm and collected on the outside, running at twenty-one to the dozen under the covers, keeping us all in check and under control.

hotmango web and print


Crumb Vacuum

Georgie provides stress release and a good reason to take a break and go for a walk or swim during office hours at Mooloolaba or Buddina.

Contact Us

yes, we know, hotmango is a little odd and not exactly "corporate", but you have to admit it catches the attention and to be honest, it does actually sum us up pretty well... We are a little "different" ....

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