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Who the heck is hotmango?

With over 13 years in the industry, hotmango are amongst the Sunshine Coasts' leading website design and development agencies. Not only do the hotmango team comprise of some of the most creative and brightest website design minds around today but also some of the best known developers in the industry; and just think... We could be working for you!

Based in Buderim on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Queensland, hotmango are a pretty casual, laid-back and funky crowd, don't expect to see us wearing stuffy suits, ties and uncomfortable shoes or baffle you with techie-talk and a whole bunch of industry acronyms, we would much prefer to impress you by simply getting on with creating what you want, how you want it and when you want it...

Where did we spring from?

Historically, back in 2003, our creative team was based in Melbourne as part of a very traditional corporate style graphic design agency. Many of the team wanted to do "something different" and work with more modern and exciting web and digital technologies and concepts. In January of 2009, we merged our businesses (R2 Solutions, R2Dzigns, Sedona Group & Network SMARTS), pooled our resources and formed hotmango. Choosing to also transfer to the Sunshine Coast in Queensland at that time. Thanks to our amazing clients, the rest is now history and we haven't looked back...

What's so cool about hotmango?

Quite simply our passion for, and love of everything on the internet, this includes making you look good on the web. Our professionalism, attitude and approach to website design and development are second to none, we don't compromise in quality or functionality, not to mention our name tends to conjure quite an intriguing image in the mind, lending itself to promoting our dynamic and creative culture. Our core client and business desire is to deliver the best solution possible for everyone involved and to have as much fun along the way.

Plus, imagine the look on peoples faces when you're asked, "Who did your website?" And you get to answer, "hotmango, of course!" It always generates an interesting and entertaining conversation.

Meet the team

The hotmango team are an interesting bunch, each bringing a piece of their very own personality (and mentality) to the group making us a very dynamic, fun and unique group of people to work with.

  • Geek Herder
    Geek Herder


    The driving force behind all we do, Russ is the GoTo man for everything from finding the coffee to making your website come to life.
  • Creative Nerd
    Creative Nerd


    Nick is an inspiring graphic designer and creative website designer with a flare for the classic & an amazing eye for stylish typography.
  • Tech Honcho
    Tech Honcho


    If it buzzes, spins or floats around in the ether, Dave keeps it doing what it's supposed to do, when it's should be doing it & how it's meant to do it.
  • Zen Goddess
    Zen Goddess


    Cool, calm and collected on the outside, running at twenty-one to the dozen under the covers, keeping us all in check and under control (mostly).
hotmango, web and print


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